Truck drivers deserve to work for a company that values what they value. Truck driver jobs are what keep the bulk of our transportation industry running!

A 2014 national survey of thousands of truck drivers uncovered the most highly sought after job essentials based on what they valued the most in their careers. At the top of the list were salary, home time, benefits, and new equipment. If transportation companies want to meet customer shipping demands, they have to accommodate these needs or face shortages or high driver turnaround. Supply chains are powered by drivers who are real people with experience and expectations just like yours. That’s why at RCX Solutions, we offer rewarding truck driving careers that honor all of these values and more.

1. Salary

79% of survey respondents chose salary as their top concern when sifting through job ads. However, rising costs and recent legislation have made it difficult for many freight and transportation companies to keep up. New laws require truck drivers to take more downtime, leaving them with fewer working hours and longer stretches of time on the road.

While many companies are reluctant to raise driver pay, RCX Solutions offers lucrative truck driving jobs with competitive salary packages. RCX drivers average roughly 3,000 miles per week and enjoy fuel discounts and other savings. Owner operators can elect to be paid by percentage or mileage, while company drivers can choose between flex pay, mile and hour pay, or pay per day. As an employee of RCX, you will get the competitive pay you deserve because you are our most valuable asset.

2. Home Time

With truck drivers unable to pick up the hours they once could, time at home with family has gained greater value. 67% of survey respondents identified home time as their top job concern and 28% named a lack of home time as a reason to leave their truck driving job. This makes sense: you work hard and value your off time. While there may be a shortage of drivers, there is no shortage of incidents where a company may push their drivers too hard (some even going as far as to violate the new rest laws).

RCX Solutions is not that kind of company. We offer a minimum of one day off for every 7 days you are on the road. Most drivers are on the road 4 or 5 days at a time. For drivers you need more home time, we offer a slip seat program of 3 days on and off or 4 days on and off. If you have special obligations or emergencies, just talk to us and we can rearrange your routes. RCX understands that our employees are not machines, but people, and deserve to be treated with respect and integrity.

3. Benefits

52% of respondents chose benefits as their most valued job essential, with 21% citing them as the top reason to leave a job. At RCX Solutions, competitive wages and competitive benefits go hand-in-hand. As a family-oriented trucking company, RCX offers you a variety of benefits packages depending on whether you become a company driver or an owner-operator.

We have Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurances plans plus two weeks of paid vacation after your first year. After five years, you can receive up to four weeks of paid vacation. We also issue monthly safety and performance bonuses. If you need help or have questions, we are here at all times to listen and do our best to help you succeed on and off the road.

4. New Equipment

Outdated equipment can result in inefficient deliveries and a greater risk for errors and accidents. Truck driver jobs have evolved rapidly as modern technologies have helped make the commute easier, safer, and more comfortable for drivers, 47% of whom chose new equipment as their top job essential. If you take the wheel as a driver for RCX, you will have access to the best apps and devices to optimize your routes, save on gas, monitor your vehicle, log your driving times, and safely communicate with your family, colleagues, and dispatcher.

Rewarding Truck Driving Careers at RCX

If these four essentials are things you value, apply for a truck driving position at RCX Solutions today. We have needs for reliable company drivers and owner-operators in the southeast and our team will work with you to help you achieve your career goals. Call us at 866-336-9697 if you have questions about joining our fleet.