At RCX Solutions, drivers are in high demand. That is why we made our easy application process easier than ever. All you need to do to get on the road as an RCX company driver or owner-operator is follow these simple steps:

1. Complete Our Driver Application

Access the RCX Solutions driver application online. You can fill out the application using a computer, smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Our mobile-friendly application is designed to streamline the process, and makes sending your information in for consideration easy as posting to social media.

We like to see at least ten years of work history to help us evaluate your professional experience. Please fill out the work history portion of the application to the best of your ability.

2. Complete and Sign an MVR Release Consent

We require every applicant to fill out and submit a motor vehicle records release (MVR) form. This consent form allows us to take a look at your driving record, so we can determine whether you will be a good fit for RCX Solutions. The Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act requires employers to obtain permission before reviewing motor vehicle records of prospective employees.

3. Complete and Sign the Arkansas Drug Database Report Consent

As part of our pre-screening process, we require applicants to complete an Arkansas Drug Database report consent form permitting us to view any available records. We are required by law to ensure that our employees stay safe and sober while on the road.

4. Complete and Sign a PSP Report Release

The pre-employment screening program report release allows us to access safety records from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS). Your PSP report includes the past three years of roadside inspection information from the FMCSA and MCMIS database. It also includes your most recent five years of crash information.

While trucking companies are not required to use the PSP program to screen potential new employees, we do so to maximize the safety of our company drivers, as well as our owner-operators. We cannot access your PSP report without your consent. If you are unsure about your PSP record, you can access it from the FMCSA’s PSP web portal for a $10 fee.

Required Paperwork for Application

All applicants must provide their current Commercial Drivers License (CDL), their social security card, and an up-to-date long-form medical card.

If you are an owner operator, we will also need the following paperwork:

  • Copy of 2290
  • Copy of title
  • Copy of previous cab card
  • Copy of last annual inspection

Whether you are interested in a company driver position, or working with us as an owner-operator, we do our best to make the application and onboarding process simple and straightforward. In the world of trucking, regulations and paperwork can seem overwhelming. However, our team is cuts through the red tape to help  put your career as a successful trucker in the fast lane.

As you search for trucking jobs, pay special attention to the reputation of the companies you consider. A big part of your job satisfaction has to do with the company’s ability and willingness to prioritize the needs of their drivers. At RCX Solutions, we treat our drivers like family.

Company Driver or Owner-Operator Options

At RCX, we believe that our drivers should never have to take their job home with them. We do everything we can to give our employees a leg up in starting their careers, including covering insurance, maintenance, and startup costs. With all of these advantages, and zero overhead, it has never been easier to get started.

If you prefer more control over your career, working for RCX Solutions as an owner-operator may be a perfect fit. Our owner-operators can handpick their trucks, and have more direct control over their day-to-day work schedule.

RCX Solutions, Inc is a trucking company actively recruiting safe, dependable truck drivers. We are looking for company drivers, flatbed truck drivers, and owner-operators who would like to partner with a trucking company in Arkansas with a reputation for taking great care of their truckers.

We prioritize the things truck drivers say are most important to them—salary, home time, benefits, and new equipment. Call 866-336-9697 if you have questions about joining the RCX Solutions team in Arkansas. You can apply for a company driver or owner-operator truck driving job online right now. So, why wait? Apply today, and get your career on the road with RCX.