Many truck drivers spend a lot of time away from home and family. Since this can be so stressful, it is crucial to balance work and home life if you want to enjoy this exciting, profitable career.

Choose the right company

Truck drivers are people, not machines. You need to make a decent living, have time at home with your family and loved ones, and have access to a good benefits package.

The truck driver shortage in America means drivers can earn even more money working for good companies that value their employees. As an experienced truck driver with a good record, you can choose to work for a great company that will treat you well.

Make an appointment with your kids

Routines make children feel secure. Talk your kids every day about what is going on at home and in their lives. This is great for your relationship. It is also an effective way to support the kids’ other parent while you are on the road.

Use Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts for a video chat to help your family feel like you are there with them. Teenagers may prefer to text, so ask them how they would prefer to stay in touch.

Take care of your mind and body

Truck drivers face unique challenges on the road. A lack of opportunity to exercise, eating fast food, and long stretches of time alone can negatively affect your health. It is important to prioritize your overall well-being while you work. Taking care of yourself on the road will help you enjoy your time at home as well.

Bring healthy snacks from home including fresh vegetables, fruits, and plenty of bottled water. If you must eat fast food or gas station food, however, try to choose healthy items . Many restaurants offer menu items with fresh ingredients and larger gas stations sometimes have a deli or produce section.

You should also find time to exercise. Walking around for even 15 minutes while you are stopped will help you feel more alert, and benefit your overall health. Moreover, try to keep a regular sleep schedule. Sleep deprivation is dangerous, especially behind the wheel.

Lastly, see your doctor regularly, and document your blood pressure and weight. Also, do not neglect regular eye exams and dental checkups.

Make the most of your time at home

You work hard to enjoy your time at home, so prioritize the things you love during your time off. Spend quality time with your significant other and your kids. Try to focus on being in the moment during dinner when you are catching up with your loved ones, and even when you are just relaxing in your favorite chair.

Ask your family what they need most from you, and try to make those things a priority. They do not have the benefit of your help while you are away, so complete as many things on the household “to do” list as possible.

Communicate with your family about your upcoming work schedule. Let them know where you will be traveling and exactly when they can expect you to return. Establish a time to talk with your partner each day to share information and offer support.

Talk about your job with your significant other

You can minimize a lot of friction and negativity in your relationship at home if your partner understands the basics of what you do and how you get paid. For example, many people outside this industry do not understand the difference between percentage and mileage pay . If your significant other understand how you make money, then they can offer you emotional support as you aim to meet your professional goals.

This also applies to the amount of time you spend away from home. You cannot control the weather or traffic, so help your partner understand that while you are trying to get back home, there are some things about the job that you must take in stride.


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