The life of a truck driver is not the same as it used to be. Today’s technology makes for a more positive experience that encourages better interactions with your dispatcher, your family, your route, and the road ahead.

Rapid changes in technology are part-and-parcel of the modern economy, which is certainly evident in the trucking and shipping industry. New technology used in truck driving has helped preserve the planet, the roads, and trucking company processes. If you go on the road as a driver for RCX Solutions, expect to utilize our industry’s latest technology as you navigate from point A to point B.

Keeping Truckers Happy

Truck driver dissatisfaction is more than misfortune; it’s a threat to the viability of the modern trucking industry. Trucking companies suffer a shrinking workforce and growing hiring costs. The average truck driver costs $7,000 to hire, and a large portion of new workers quit within the first quarter. To save money on hiring, and improve driver experience, trucking companies are adopting mobile apps aimed at making drivers’ lives easier. The new technology used in truck driving improves both shipper and driver satisfaction by encouraging streamlined shipping processes and increased safety.

Streamlined Shipping

Although some companies offer drivers across-the-board raises, many find it more effective to tie compensation to productivity. Not only does this encourage drivers to pay for their own raises with better results, but it validates drivers who take the initiative to be more efficient. The most effective productivity technology used in truck driving includes:

  • Co-Pilot Live Truck – This app examines GPS information to plan the quickest, safest route to the your destination. Co-Pilot constantly updates its maps to account for weight restrictions, low clearance, and other obstacles.
  • Xata Turnpike – This app keeps track of hours of service, fuel use, speed, and overall driver productivity. This makes it easier for trucking companies to measure driver productivity and distribute rewards.
  • GasBuddy – Designed to reduce waste, this app compares nearby gas stations based on price and distance, helping drivers buy fuel from only the most cost-efficient sources.

Aside from helping them save your employer or broker money, mobile apps also help you spend less. Trucker Tools, for example, provides drivers with coupons that are valid at thousands of truck stops throughout the United States.

Effortless Risk Elimination

Safety puts trucking companies in a bind as continuous communication between drivers and dispatchers is very important. Drivers want to be safe, but one of the most effective ways to improve safety is to stop texting and talking on your phone, which many find difficult to do. After several years of climbing 18-wheeler accident statistics, industry regulations now require drivers to stay off their phones when behind the wheel. There is no conflict between safety and convenience, however, now that truckers have apps such as:

  • FleetSafer Mobile – This app blocks emails, texts, and web pages while the driver is on the road and automatically responds to emails and texts with the message “I’m driving.” Drivers can then focus on the road without worrying that their employer or family will feel ignored.
  • Skype – In its new mobile app form, Skype allows truckers to make calls and receive messages using voice commands so they never take their hands off the wheel.
  • Media Manager – This app allows trucking companies to send audio and video messages to their drivers, improving fleet communication without distracting drivers from the road.

Trucking apps can also address long-term threats, such as your health, while you are on the road. Many drivers do not have time to follow a diet and exercise regime and end up developing unhealthy eating habits. This has contributed to an unfair perception of truck drivers as a whole. But using apps like FatSecret Calorie Counter automatically compares nutrition and calorie information for menus at nearby restaurants, so you can find a healthier option for stops near you.

At RCX Solutions, we are committed to our drivers’ well being. We treat our drivers like family and work hard to make sure your schedule can fit into your life. Many of our drivers are also already enjoying the some of the most recent industry technology upgrades, which benefits them and us.

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