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Category Archives: General

Fact or Myth: Everything to Know about Flatbed Hauling

There’s a lot of confusion about flatbed hauling. What kind of experience is needed? Is the money as good as they say? We’re here to clear the air.

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How Does LTL Freight Shipping in Arkansas Work?

Consider how you can use LTL (Less Than Truckload) freight shipping in Arkansas to move your freight faster for less. Start with this basic guide to understand the process of less than truckload freight shipping.

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Understand The Logistics Procedure of Cross Docking

Cross dock services bring unique challenges – and unique benefits – to transportation logistics, so proper training and planning are essential for manufacturers. From perishables and promos to pre-tagged goods and pre-packaged customer orders, inventory only gets where it’s going when you understand the risks and logistics of cross-docking.

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The Difference Between Percentage & Mileage Pay

I’m looking for a job as a truck driver. Is there anything I should know about local trucking driving jobs?

Whenever you take a job in a new industry, it’s essential to learn all of that field’s unique features. This is particularly important if that industry is logistics. Whether you work directly for a trucking company in Arkansas or as an independent owner operator, you’ll have to navigate a different set of policies than those in other industries. This starts with compensation policies. Whereas other local trucking driving jobs mostly pay per hour, trucking companies tend to pay per mile or as a percentage of line haul. It’s critical that you be familiar with these pay options and choose the one that suits you best.

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Radiofrequency Identification & Its Effects on Logistics

What technologies are trucking companies using to lower costs and improve outcomes for customers?

Never underestimate the high cost of trucking industry errors. If a freight shipping logistics company sends a truck to the wrong destination or with the wrong assortment of items, they will need to go all the way back and get the right items. Not only does this make customers wait days or even weeks for what they ordered, but it raises costs, leading to higher prices down the road. Logistics companies are thus eager to adopt any technology that reduces the rate of errors. One innovation that has been highly effective is RFID.

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What Vehicle Is Necessary for Refrigerated Trucking?

I have to transport some perishable items that must be refrigerated en route. Do I need my carrier to use a particular kind of truck?

From food to beverages to critical medicines, many of the most important products of the modern world don’t last long without refrigeration. This creates a challenge for anyone trying to transport such items over long distances. To do this, it’s necessary to ship your goods in a refrigerated truck, so that they don’t go bad on the road.

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RCX Solutions – New Facility (Video)

WATCH: RCX Solutions New Facility!


Transcript (New Facility):

We’re here today and we’re going show you our new building and tell you about all the new services that we’re going to offer. This our lobby when you walk in. This is the sign you’re going to see. What we really wanted to let everybody know is even though we’re a little company based in Little Rock, Arkansas, we have a global presence. We can pretty much handle your freight on any level around the world.

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How the First Year as an Over the Road Driver Looks

Over the road trucking (OTR trucking) is a steady, rewarding career choice, but it is also a very unique way to work. Experienced truckers are used to the unusual pace of life on the road, but newcomers may not know what to expect, making the transition more jarring and the surprises more shocking.

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The Different Types of Freight Claims Explained

When you are dealing with a lost or damaged freight load, you need to understand freight claims. Find out the facts about the different types of freight claims that can be filed in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Accidents happen in the trucking business and can result in stolen or damaged freight. Another circumstance that can occur is that part of a shipment may not arrive, which is called a shortage. Whenever something like this happens, a shipping customer has the right to file a freight claim. Before doing so, it is important to understand freight claim rules and the different types of freight claims.

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The Newest Technology of 2018 Used in Truck Driving

The technology used in truck driving is constantly evolving. Find out where your current shipping services stand, and determine whether your company is keeping up with the modern pace of transportation and logistics.

The transportation industry is transforming at a rapid rate thanks to the inclusion of technology used in truck driving. From the electronic logging device mandate that went into effect in December 2017, to the use of all-electric semis—great strides are being made in logistics. Learn more about the newest technology of 2018 and see whether your business is able to compete in this market.

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