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Category Archives: General

Advice for New Over the Road Truck Drivers

You have chosen a lucrative, exciting, fast-paced career in a growing field as an OTR, or over-the-road, truck driver. Here is what you need to know about your new profession.

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Why It’s Important to Use a Freight Company that has Partnerships with Service Providers in Foreign Destinations

When you choose a freight company, their relationships with service providers affect your business. For companies that send goods to customers in foreign destinations, the relationship between the service provider and the freight company is crucial to the process of getting the product to the destination on time and undamaged.

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Getting Insured through Enrollment First

Enrollment First has provided truck drivers with nationwide group insurance benefits for nearly two decades. Enroll in less than 30 minutes, and get guaranteed medical coverage for doctor’s visits, blood work, urgent care, prescriptions, and even hospitalization.

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What it Takes to Develop a Shipping Plan with RCX

Few companies have the infrastructure, time, or funds to learn the finer points of logistics management by trial and error. RXC Solutions has partnered with hundreds of companies to help get their freight where it needs to be on time at a great price.

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How RCX Makes Inspecting Your Truck Easy

Maintaining a big rig is a huge responsibility, but is necessary to ensure safety and efficiency. The stability of your vehicle should never be taken for granted. That is what makes Department of Transportation (DOT) truck inspections such an important aspect of your job as a trucker. Being ready for an inspection makes pulling over for the DOT quick, painless, and a potential source of pride in receiving high marks.

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The Top Benefits Of Our Lease Program

There has never been a better time to be an over the road truck driver. Technology makes the job safer, and helps keep you in close contact with your family while you are away. If you have ever considered becoming an owner-operator, you know the one big question to ask before starting your new business: Does it make sense financially?

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Fact or Myth: Everything to Know about Flatbed Hauling

There’s a lot of confusion about flatbed hauling. What kind of experience is needed? Is the money as good as they say? We’re here to clear the air.

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How New Tax Laws Affect You As An Owner-Operator

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act greatly affects how owner-operators may file and pay their taxes. As an independent truck driver, understanding how to apply these changes to your business could save you thousands of dollars in taxes.

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Balancing Work and Life: Top Tips for Truck Drivers

Many truck drivers spend a lot of time away from home and family. Since this can be so stressful, it is crucial to balance work and home life if you want to enjoy this exciting, profitable career.

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How Does LTL Freight Shipping in Arkansas Work?

Consider how you can use LTL (Less Than Truckload) freight shipping in Arkansas to move your freight faster for less. Start with this basic guide to understand the process of less than truckload freight shipping.

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