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Category Archives: General

Everything You Need to Know About Our Bumper-to-Bumper Maintenance Program

As someone who spends a lot of time on the road and depends on their vehicle for their livelihood, you know the condition of your truck is integral to your happiness and success. Ensuring that your truck is functioning properly can be the difference between eating and going hungry. Therefore, the importance of keeping your vehicle in prime condition cannot be understated.

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Should I Become an Owner Operator with RCX? The Answer is YES!

In today’s world of two-day deliveries and cross-country infrastructure, truckers are the lifeblood that delivers the resources needed to keep everything vitalized. Beyond the satisfaction of connecting a country from coast to coast or helping unify a particular region, being a truck owner-operator has many advantages, including substantial compensation and flexible hours.

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Applying to RCX: Here’s How Easy It Is

At RCX Solutions, drivers are in high demand. That is why we made our easy application process easier than ever. All you need to do to get on the road as an RCX company driver or owner-operator is follow these simple steps:

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The Benefits of a Flexible Warehouse Agreement

Opting for a flexible warehouse agreement as a small or medium-sized business offers the advantages of a larger warehouse without the commitment and capital investment. Finding the right public warehousing partner allows you to focus time and energy on growing your business, instead of putting out fires related to a lack of warehouse space or too much empty warehouse space.

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Choosing the Best Freight Broker for You

Finding a freight broker that keeps you in the loop about shipments, uses the latest technology, and has the necessary licenses and insurance is an essential part of your business. A freight broker is a crucial link between you and your customer.

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Why Trucking Should Be Your Next Career

The current shortage of drivers in the trucking industry means that there is a high demand for new professionals. Truck drivers today have an average age of 55. As they retire, the need for new drivers grows, which means that millennials may find a new career on the road.

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Determining Your Own Driving Schedule with RCX Solutions

For an over-the road (OTR) truck driver, the schedule dictates everything. The needs of the company or customer control when you drive, when you sleep, and when you see your family. Given this part of the job, wondering about how much independence you will have to set your schedule is a legitimate question.

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5 Tips and Tricks Every OTR Driver Should Know

Over-the-road, or OTR, truck driving is a great job with potential for career growth. Although life on the road is difficult, there are a few tips and tricks that serve all professional drivers well.

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The Latest Trucking Industry Trends

The trucking industry is a crucial part of the worldwide transportation ecosystem. Increasing demand for reliable trucking services means that good drivers always have a job which also means the technology used in truck driving is continually evolving to meet keep up with the demand.

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4 Healthy Habits Any Truck Driver Can Master

Professional truckers who want to feel great and enjoy good health understand how important it is to incorporate healthy habits into their day-to-day life. Whether you are on the road or at home, making time for exercise, eating right, sleeping well, and taking care of your mental health is important to maintaining your standard of living.

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