For an over-the road (OTR) truck driver, the schedule dictates everything. The needs of the company or customer control when you drive, when you sleep, and when you see your family. Given this part of the job, wondering about how much independence you will have to set your schedule is a legitimate question.

Choosing the right company is crucial to your happiness and satisfaction as a truck driver. As you look for local truck driving jobs, consider the various schedules available. There are two main types of truck driving jobs , and one thing that sets them apart is your ability to decide when and where you drive.

Company drivers

As a company driver, you may earn your living on a pay-per-day or pay-mile basis. At RCX Solutions, drivers earn a flat 40 cents per mile whether or not they are empty or loaded. You can also earn a safety bonus based on your weekly mileage.

Pay-per-day wages, established using the number of days you are on the road or if you layover while waiting for a load, also allow company drivers to earn their living. Moreover, pay per day is for dedicated lanes.

Remember that the company you choose affects your satisfaction as a truck driver. If you have big ambitions and can be away from home for longer periods of time, then you may prefer life as a company driver.

Time off as a company driver

When you are not driving, your time off belongs to you. You will leave your truck behind along with the worries of your job. You also do not need to be concerned with performing repairs and maintenance on your truck or the associated costs.

There are plenty of jobs available as a company driver. If you decide to pursue this career track, then you need to decide the pay structure and benefits you want, and then evaluate your choices according to those criteria.

Owner Operators

Drivers who want a different level of independence that includes the ability to determine their driving schedule may be curious about becoming an owner operator.

In this role, you would be responsible for purchasing, repairing, and maintaining your own equipment. Owner operators actually own their business, and RCX Solutions pays owner operators percentage or mileage wages.

RCX owner operators who prefer mileage pay earn $1.05 per mile plus a fuel surcharge. Drivers paid a percentage of the load fee earn 70% to 80% plus a 3% safety bonus monthly. RCX owner operators also receive fuel discounts with Pilot, Loves, and Petro.

If you work with a carrier-friendly shipper that keeps drivers on the road, then you have the potential to make more money than owner operators who spend more time sitting still. The best way to understand this option is to speak with owner operators in the field.

Time off as an owner operator

When you work as an owner operator, you will design your own schedule. Of course, the more loads you take, the more money you will earn. Owner operators do not always make more money than company drivers in general, but they do have great potential if they manage their business effectively.

If you want to control your own driving schedule, then consider becoming an owner operator.

Long haul or short haul?

You can also decide whether or not you want to be a long haul or short haul truck driver. There are advantages to both, so it comes down to personal preference.

There is a great deal of independence with a long haul trucking job . Although you will receive instructions from dispatch, you still have a lot of freedom when it comes to setting your day-to-day schedule. Long haul drivers make fewer deliveries and see more open road than do short haul drivers. The appeal of the open road motivates some drivers to choose this option.

Short haul drivers experience a more fast-paced workload. They make more deliveries and spend more time maneuvering their truck, loading, and unloading.

If you are new to trucking, then you may want to try both long haul and short haul trips to see which you prefer. Choose your company carefully. An employer that offers great benefits, comprehensive training, and has a solid company structure will help you succeed as a driver.

Become a driver

If you are an owner operator or company driver interested in working for a Little Rock trucking company hiring new drivers , then contact RCX Solutions today! Our schedules have one day off for every seven days on the road as well as flexibility for emergencies and family events.

We look forward to hearing from you!