I’m looking for a job as a truck driver. Is there anything I should know about local trucking driving jobs?

Whenever you take a job in a new industry, it’s essential to learn all of that field’s unique features. This is particularly important if that industry is logistics. Whether you work directly for a trucking company in Arkansas or as an independent owner operator, you’ll have to navigate a different set of policies than those in other industries. This starts with compensation policies. Whereas other local trucking driving jobs mostly pay per hour, trucking companies tend to pay per mile or as a percentage of line haul. It’s critical that you be familiar with these pay options and choose the one that suits you best.

What is Pay Per Mile?

As the name implies, pay per mile is the practice of paying truck drivers for each mile they drive. This is one of the most common systems for paying trucking company employees. Specific rates vary based on where you work and how much experience you have, but as an experienced driver in Arkansas, you can make anywhere from 40 cents per mile up to 54 cents per mile depending on the industry you drive in.

Truckers and trucking companies often prefer the pay per mile model because it compensates employees for output rather than for the amount of time they spend on the job. Thus if you are able to navigate your route more quickly, such as by planning around traffic and anticipating inclement weather, you can receive the same pay for less work. The disadvantage of this model, however, is that if you’re caught in traffic or otherwise delayed, you aren’t compensated for that time.

What is Percentage Pay?

Percentage pay is compensation based on the total value of the line haul you carry. In other words, you receive a percentage of the money that your client earns on the items you deliver. This model is typically used to pay owner operators. A Little Rock owner operator company hiring independent drivers doesn’t need to spend time and energy monitoring the number of miles you drive. Meanwhile, you can earn higher pay for carrying more valuable items or larger volume orders over the same distance.

The main downside of percentage pay is that your clients may not give you accurate information on the amount of money they make from each haul. Thus if you’re an owner operator who is compensated in this way, you must make sure your clients are trustworthy and that they show you all the documentation on the loads you carry.

RCX Solution offers both mile pay for employees and percentage pay for owner operators, all at fair rates and with full transparency. For more information on the benefits of working with a trucking company in Arkansas, visit our website today or call (866)336-9697 .