WATCH: ELDs are not End of Life Devices!

If you know anything about electronic logging devices, or ELDs, you’re well aware of the new electronic logging device mandate. In a nutshell, all truck drivers and shipping companies have to make the switch to ELDs by December 2017.

Drivers are angry, thinking this will make their jobs even harder. Industry analysts are measuring the impact from every angle. But everyone needs to stop and breathe! The law is the law and if we want to stay in this industry, we all just have to deal with it.

ELDs are not “End of Life Devices” – they won’t kill you. You have to start making the transition now before you will see the good that can come of it. At RCX Solutions, we implemented electronic logging devices with all of our drivers back in 2015. It’s been hard, but hey, we’re still here! If you’re ready to make lemonade out of lemons, just remember these three things…

  1. ELDs are going to make recordkeeping a lot easier, especially for owner-operators. You won’t have to keep track of stacks of log books anymore. With ELDs, your records will be more accurate, easier to read, and less time-consuming than the manual work of keeping physical records of your mileage. Sure, there will be a learning curve, but in the end, ELDs will cut down on human error to improve logistics analysis, fuel management, and industry compliance down the line.
  2. ELDS are also going to help improve relationships with customers. Whether you’re a company driver that’s tied to certain delivery times or an owner-operator entrusted with your clients’ inventory, ELDs will help cut down on misdeliveries, miscommunication, and other mistakes. By introducing better tracking, ELDs will help your dispatchers help you stay on route and on time with less distractions. Happy customers equals a happy business!
  3. Finally, ELDs are going to make us all a little bit safer. HOS compliance is a still a big issue in our industry, and the public’s negative image of truck drivers will never go away unless we make the profession safer. By tracking your truck and your activities, ELDs will help you save lives, avoid accidents, and prevent injuries.

We know it’s hard to see the good in ELDs right now, but trust us, it’s a positive change. If you’re looking to join a new fleet, contact the team at RCX Solutions by calling 866-336-9697. We’re hiring and we would love to talk to you!