As someone who spends a lot of time on the road and depends on their vehicle for their livelihood, you know the condition of your truck is integral to your happiness and success. Ensuring that your truck is functioning properly can be the difference between eating and going hungry. Therefore, the importance of keeping your vehicle in prime condition cannot be understated.

Beyond simply keeping your vehicle on the road, proper maintenance and preparation can help ensure that your travels go smoothly. From reducing the risk of mechanical failures to making Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections a breeze, the state of your truck has huge sway over the state of your business.

With the RCX bumper-to-bumper maintenance program at your service, you can be the most successful version of yourself without all the tremendous stress of regular upkeep. Read on for everything you need to know about this exceptional program and how it can benefit you!

Safety first

Accidents are bound to happen, given how much time drivers spend on the road. Although in some circumstances there is nothing you can do to prevent an accident, you can take better care of your vehicle so that improper maintenance does not cause one.

Braking systems, the wear levels of the tires, faulty trailers, and malfunctioning engines cause many accidents. Again, while any of these elements can fail unexpectedly, proper maintenance is the key to prevention. A good bumper-to-bumper maintenance program will provide comprehensive inspection and regular upkeep to ensure you not only stay on the road but also remain safe.

Tragically, trucking fatalities are the highest they have been in three decades. Even worse, some of these accidents are caused by something as minor as an under-inflated tire or the driver not wearing a seat belt. The right maintenance program, however, will help keep you and those around you safe on the road.

Smooth inspections

If you are an inexperienced trucker, you know that DOT inspections can either go smoothly, or hold you up for what seems like forever. On occasion, a potential delay of that nature can be the difference between an on-time delivery and a missed deadline.

Although carrying a checklist of what will be inspected can help ensure you are prepared, taking care of any potential issues before you hit the road is a far better option. RCX knows the ins and outs of these inspections, what to look for, and how to properly maintain and repair each potential problem before it sidelines you.

From potential violations to the varying levels of DOT inspections, the RCX bumper-to-bumper maintenance program has your back. It is better to be preemptive than reactive, especially when it comes to your livelihood and wellbeing.

Keep on trucking

Deferred maintenance is a commonality in the trucking industry but can quickly lead to more serious mechanical issues. With the right maintenance program, you do not need to worry about when to make time for maintenance, or spend your valuable time searching for the source of that subtle noise that has been causing you some concern.

Instead, you get to focus on what is more important: your job. RCX makes sure your vehicle is ready to go when you are, so you can keep on trucking.

Final thoughts

Being the best truck driver you can be is dependent on keeping your truck running at its highest level. RCX provides Little Rock truck driving jobs for those who are ambitious and want a partner who can best facilitate their lifestyle and work. From helping you establish a work-life balance to giving you the opportunity to have a local trucking job, RCX is your friend in the industry.


Take action that will ensure safer travels for you and your truck. For more information about this program, contact RCX Solutions today at (501) 850-7800.