Considering a job with an over the road trucking company? Here is what to expect during your first year as an OTR driver.

Over the road trucking (OTR trucking) is a steady, rewarding career choice, but it is also a very unique way to work. Experienced truckers are used to the unusual pace of life on the road, but newcomers may not know what to expect, making the transition more jarring and the surprises more shocking. It helps to learn some of the most important lessons before you ever get behind the wheel. If you are unfamiliar with the life of a new OTR driver, start by learning more about the differences and demands of OTR trucking.

So, what will happen first? During your first year as an over the road truck driver, be prepared for the following facts of life:

Loads You Might Not Love

New to the job? You may end up with a load that is less than desirable. Many over the road trucking companies will give first pick to veteran drivers, leaving newbies with assignments in desolate places or with demanding or inconvenient delivery schedules. This is just part of the job, and it actually speeds up your learning process. As you provide prompt services across borders, bridges, tunnels, and the rural countryside, you get more opportunities to prove your skills and reliability. You also learn more about the continent and its people, giving you invaluable life experience every day of the year.

Unpredictable Wages Based on Mileage

An OTR driver earns wages according to miles driven, not hours worked. And even then, wage calculations are not as simple as “wages per mile driven”. Some OTR trucking companies pay for “practical miles”, which does mean you get compensated for every mile driven during a job. Others disregard your actual route and compensate for “paid miles”, which could represent any distance between your starting and ending points. As a new OTR trucker, you may not know what your final salary will be until the end of the year.

Video Chats with Family Members

Technology is changing the world of OTR trucking for the better, and that includes softening the blow of being away from loved ones. The life of a long-distance or OTR trucker was once associated with solitary days and nights, but trucking actually exposes you to new people and places constantly, and modern technology makes it easy to maintain the connections you already cherish. Your mobile device is all you need to see your loved ones’ faces every day, stay in touch with people you meet on the road, and even share your off-the-clock adventures via social media. This is all crucial to keep your morale high and keep you connected to your community.

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