Know the characteristics which distinguish carrier-friendly companies to identify top quality Little Rock freight carriers.

The term “carrier-friendly” is often used to describe practices that make it easier for carriers to serve shippers and, as a result, lower operating costs. But does the term still have true meaning for freight carriers, or has it become just a buzzword?

Benefits of Using a Carrier-Friendly Company

When hiring a Little Rock freight carrier to move goods, every company wants to go with a “carrier-friendly” company because it means more efficient processes, less hassles, and a willingness to go the extra mile for your bottom line. Some are even willing to pay more to a company that bills itself as carrier-friendly. While anyone can claim that they are carrier-friendly, that doesn’t make it true, so here is what to look for in a shipper who makes your best interest the ultimate goal.

Documentation of Efficiency

To be truly carrier-friendly, it is important to start with having a documented process proving your company’s capacity to be so. When negotiating with a freight carrier to move your product, request documentation that shows which processes and practices it uses to ensure efficiency. If a carrier can’t come up with something that shows how they measure success, chances are they won’t be successful for you.

Proof of A Consistent Schedule

Being able to demonstrate that you have a consistent schedule is also a sign of a carrier-friendly company. This indicates that the carrier has a thought-out plan to get your product to its destination in the least time possible. For instance, a proactive company avoids scheduling long-haul shipments right before the weekend when traffic is heaviest and drivers want to be home with their families. Not only does effective scheduling keep freight moving, but it keeps drivers happy. Happy drivers are more efficient and stay with a company longer.

Evidence of Detailed Route Planning

Along with consistent schedules, efficient route planning goes a long way toward making a company carrier-friendly. At RCX Solutions, we look for ways to consolidate shipments and plan the most direct or least congested routes. Time wasted in traffic or construction zones that could have been avoided costs everyone time and money.

Attention to Driver Activity

Promoting driver productivity and reducing dwell times is another practice to look for in a Little Rock freight carrier. Carrier-friendly shippers work to provide quick and efficient loads that keep the driver moving, not wasting time sitting still. This, in turn, keeps the revenue generating for everyone involved.

Shipper-Carrier Relationships

Ultimately, being considered carrier-friendly comes down to the relationship between the shipper and the carrier. At RCX Solutions, we work to develop a relationship with our clients because it allows each side to understand the other’s expectations, practices, and challenges, and allows us to help you get the best rates and routes. Having an established relationship also allows us to anticipate your needs, such as offering our intermodal capabilities, where other companies can only supply over-the-road services.

Work with a Carrier-Friendly Company

While any freight company can say that they are carrier-friendly, look for evidence of the above items when planning on who to give your business to. RCX solutions is proud to accurately say that we are a carrier-friendly Little Rock trucking company. For carriers that work with RCX, that means a smoother and more efficient way to move your goods. If a carrier-friendly company is what you are looking for, get in contact with RCX Solutions or call us at 866-336-9697.

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