It takes more than a truck driver’s license and a few hours on the road to succeed as an owner operator. Learn how proper planning and management skills can help you grow your truck driving business in any market.

Whether you are new to your lead role as owner operator or are looking for fresh ways to expand operations and make profit, strategic planning is key. Focus and business savvy are must-have traits. By keeping your truck, your team, and yourself on the right path, you can take your truck driving career in Little Rock, Arkansas to new heights as a successful owner operator. You can start with these expert tips.

Have the Right Mindset

As a business owner, freedom can be both a blessing and a curse. Make sure you are ready to tackle challenges in good times and bad. You will need to set goals, keep your team on track, manage your health, and balance your work life with your family life. If your team members have concerns, it is up to you to address them and make sure they are motivated and satisfied with their role in the business. Budget wisely, play by the rules, and make sure you set a good example for your team. Above all, make sure you are passionate about not just making money, but all of the intricacies involved in building a successful trucking company.

Equip Your Trucks Wisely

Your trucks are your most important tools. Make sure they are equipped with a reliable computer, scanner, and at least two mobile phones. These technologies will help you and your team members stay on top of road hazards, navigate unfamiliar routes, notify each other of unexpected developments, and easily locate trucks in need of assistance. Many new owner operators underestimate the cost of owning a truck, let alone a fleet of trucks, and opt for the bare minimum – a huge safety risk. If you are on the fence about purchasing your own trucks off the bat, research the best trucking lease to purchase programs available to you. A truck leasing company can also take some of the work off your shoulders until you are ready for full ownership.

Maintain and Insure Your Trucks

Staying up to date on your truck maintenance can save you time, money, and hassle. You do not want you or your team members to be stuck on the road with a broken-down truck and at the mercy of whatever repair shop happens to be close by. Equally important is having insurance. Take time to research what coverages you need. Common policies for owner operators include commercial auto liability insurance, physical damage insurance, and occupational accident insurance.

Present Yourself as a Professional

To earn the respect of your team and your business partners, you must present yourself well. Eat a healthy diet, make time for exercise, mind your hygiene, and dress well. You are the image of your business, and your appearance and demeanor set the tone for your team.

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