When you utilize your freight carrier as a real team member, not just a service provider, you can expect better business outcomes.

If you have only been considering your carrier as a means to an end, there is a very good chance your services and routes are not as closely aligned with your needs as they could be. Proactive communication is an absolute must if you are aiming to make your freight carrier a more productive tool for your company. With open communication about the needs of your business, your carrier can be better prepared to meet those needs instead of scrambling to repair damage when things go off the rails. Plus, with greater collaboration, you can expect better rates and routes in your freight quotes.

How to Communicate What You Need

Bad or incorrect information flowing from the client can foster mistrust and damage business fluidity. Here are some basic facts you should be prepared to discuss with your carrier:

  • Your actual or estimated overall volume of package movement, per week and month.
  • The division of domestic versus international shipments, if applicable.
  • The average weight of your typical package shipment.
  • Any specific budget constraints you may have.
  • Any specific packaging needs you may have.

In return, your freight carrier should be prepared to detail what they can offer your business, both as it exists currently as well as in periods of future growth. Review or request considerations such as:

  • Specialty freight quote options for one-off shipments
  • The fastest and most economical options for various package service tiers
  • Transparency-focused technology that delivers information about shipper position and delivery times
  • Partnerships with other beneficial vendors

Collaboration: Your Key to Success With Your Freight Carrier

Once the right amount communication a freight quoting process is established with your freight carrier, use collaboration to position your company as their team member as well. The more smoothly and predictably a carrier can interact with your operations and shipping departments, the faster your products can get out on the road. This working partnership is called your “client-carrier connection.” Put this relationship into action during your next pickup, with an eye towards identifying certain moments that can give you better rates and routes:

  • How quickly can a driver get in and out of your facility? If your detention times are longer than average, resolve to find and repair the problem.
  • Have there been any messages or calls to your carrier to let them know how large or small of a load to expect?
  • If your shipments are consistent over time (once a week, once every 3 days, etc.) has your carrier been made aware and adjusted their rates?
  • Do you have a contact or account manager you can easily contact if anything changes in shipping volume or urgency?

Once you answer the questions, work with your freight carrier to reverse-engineer a solution that will streamline the experience from both sides of the package handoff.

If you are ready to work with a freight carrier poised for partnership that can offer you services beyond a run-of-the-mill freight quote, contact RCX Solutions at 866-336-9697. We understand the importance of communication and collaboration and can help further your business goals with our drivers and expertise.

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