Consider how you can use LTL (Less Than Truckload) freight shipping in Arkansas to move your freight faster for less. Start with this basic guide to understand the process of less than truckload freight shipping.

If you ship fewer than 26 pallets of freight, then you are dealing in less than truckload freight services. LTL freight is in demand thanks to a rise in e-commerce and last-mile services for customers. Learn how LTL freight shipping in Arkansas works, and how this shipping method can benefit your business.

Understanding LTL Shipping in Arkansas

The freight trucking industry is divided into two main categories — freight that takes up less than a truckload (LTL) and a truckload of freight (TL). Any shipment that takes up less space than the full 53 feet of a dry van trailer is considered an LTL freight load.

Meanwhile, the e-commerce industry has skyrocketed along with expedited shipping, which has also driven up the demand for LTL freight trucking in Arkansas. Parcel deliveries in particular account for the bulk of LTL freight loads, which has greatly increased the demand for LTL freight trucking services.

As a result, LTL shipping is being spotlighted by industry experts looking for ways to improve freight rates. This will help make the LTL freight industry more efficient, saving shippers time and money, which will trickle down through the rest of the economy.

Calculating LTL Freight Rates

The first step in calculating LTL freight costs is settling on a freight rate. Traditionally, freight rates were calculated according to the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) system. The NMFC system dates back to the 1930s when the trucking industry was established in the US. This system focuses on four factors including density, stowability, handling, and liability of a freight load.

Benefits of Dimensionalizing

Unfortunately, if a freight shipping company in Arkansas is still using the NMFC, they may not be offering the best freight rates. Today’s trucking brokers utilize the concept of dimensionalizing for a smarter calculation of LTL freight rates. With a dimensionalizing machine, you are able to identify any unused freight space.

This enables brokers to better position drivers to use their trailer space efficiently. In doing so, this directly improves the shipper’s bottom line by enabling the driver to pick up more freight. This increases earnings potential across the board, from the shipper to the truck driver and the trucking company.

Trucking Technology for Improved Freight Rates

Everyone wins with dimensionalizing, but some companies are wary of using modern technology. However, this technology is helping to make LTL freight shipping in Arkansas more efficient all around. Trucking technology aids with driver routing, as well as monitoring idling, fuel use, and adverse driver behaviors like harsh braking. These factors all play a role in how much a trucking company charges LTL shipping customers for freight.

Choose Smarter LTL Freight Rates

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