WATCH: RCX Solutions New Facility!


Transcript (New Facility):

We’re here today and we’re going show you our new building and tell you about all the new services that we’re going to offer. This our lobby when you walk in. This is the sign you’re going to see. What we really wanted to let everybody know is even though we’re a little company based in Little Rock, Arkansas, we have a global presence. We can pretty much handle your freight on any level around the world.

These are the different divisions that we’ve got. We’ve got Sunset Transportation, which our 3PO brokerage, really the center of our technology. They’ve got all the software that you need. EDI, build your loads, track and trace, they do all that for us. MPV Express is our hotshot expediting division. Normally, when FedEx can’t get it there, MPV can. Arkansas Warehouse, this is our brand-new venture. We’re going to show you some of the warehouse here in a little bit. This is a whole new operation for us and we’re really excited about getting it up and running. And of course, we’ve got RCX which is our tried and true asset-based company. Come on around, let me show you around.

As many of ya’ll know, we’re race fans. We love dirt track racing so that’s what you’re going to see on the cars. We’ve got all our offices. We’ve got Jonathan’s office. This is where Jonathan hangs out. So, when you get a call and complain, he has his Wolf of Wall Street picture hanging up behind him, so he’s really excited about that.

This is my office. I get to see the view of our trucks coming and going and making sure they don’t tear our fence down like what we’ve had in the past. So, I get to see that.

This here’s our conference room. Just basically had a sales meeting, and with the new building has brought a ton of distractions. It’s been a great move for us, but there are new problems and new things we’ve got to fix every day. One of the things we just had in a meeting was keeping our customer service up to number one, taking care of our people. We don’t want those distractions to take away from our service at all. We just had a meeting with everyone to remind them who it is that really pays our bills and that’s the customer. We want to take care of them.

This here is Allen and Ashley’s offices. They both handle all the safety at RCX and keep us out of legal trouble. We cut these holes in the wall so they could talk throughout the day since they both work hand and hand on everything that we do here.

This is our operations offices where we do the brokerage and the truck side. We’ve got a lot more room to work, it’s a lot more spread out.

Here at RCX, we really care about all our employees’ health and wellness benefits. This is the least used room in the entire building. We put all the stuff in here and none of our people use it. They typically make fun of anybody who does. If you’re a customer or vendor and you want to come to use the workout room, come on down because nobody in our office is using it.

This is what we’re really excited about, a new opportunity for our customers to basically help them if they need warehouse storage or cross-dock space. We’ve got 40,000 square foot of warehouse. So, this is really a new venture for us and we’re really excited. We’ve got some customers already that are storing some product here. We’re really jumping in on this. We just put in a new racking system, we bought a new software system that correlates with everything. We’ve got a dock out here where we can cross-dock on the weekends if somebody needs to offload because an appointment didn’t work out or a shipment that got hung up on schedule. The driver didn’t have enough hours. We can transload it here, we’ve got four docks.

The next thing that we’ve got is we’ve got our shop. Another new thing for us. With our service area, we can take care of our own equipment. The owner-operators that work for us, if they need work done, they can get a reduced price in the shop. Help save them some money and make them more profitable as well.

This is something that we’re really excited about. I know all our drivers and owner ops have loved it. When we got the warehouse, we got this handy dandy security system. Everybody gets issued this key fob and it works great because I’ve locked myself out of the building like three times. It gives the drivers 24/7 access to their own break room. As the guys come in and it’s late and night and they’re waiting, they may be waiting on the warehouse to come in to load or offload. It gives them a place they can come in and hang out. We try to give them some reading material, a couch, TV. They come in and kick back and basically enjoy themselves until we get to work and the day starts. That’s something that’s been a real tool for us and the guys really have enjoyed it. We come by in the mornings and they’re already in here making coffee and doing their thing. The drivers really love it.

Thank you, guys, for taking a tour of our new facility. We hope you’ll be calling us soon and maybe trying out some of our new services that we’ve got. You can always count on us to do the best we can.