In today’s world of two-day deliveries and cross-country infrastructure, truckers are the lifeblood that delivers the resources needed to keep everything vitalized. Beyond the satisfaction of connecting a country from coast to coast or helping unify a particular region, being a truck owner-operator has many advantages, including substantial compensation and flexible hours.

It is important to acknowledge that with those advantages come challenges. For the ambitious and self-motivated, however, becoming an owner-operator is a realistic career path with an abundance of opportunities.

So, what sets owner-operators apart from company drivers, and why should you consider becoming one with RCX? Read on to discover what makes this career such a fantastic option!

What is Owner Operator Trucking?

When it comes to trucking, there are two business models that dominate the field: owner-operator and company driver. While both are viable career options with advantages of their own, the owner-operator option allows you to have more control over essentially every aspect of the job. This is because you will technically be self-employed and work in a way similar to a freelancer or contractor.

The Advantages of Owner Operator Trucking

Being an owner-operator is an investment in your career path and in yourself, making it an ideal route for those who are ambitious and place a high value on their time. You can enjoy all the benefits of life as a trucker—adventure, freedom to travel, encounters with new people, and high pay—while asserting more control over your hours.

If you have a family or simply enjoy your time at home, being an owner-operator may be the best option for you. Having the flexibility to create your own schedule allows you to focus on your physical and mental wellbeing, and spend more time on your home life, all while being well-compensated.

Speaking of pay, owner-operators tend to make more money than company drivers. This is partially because of the initial startup cost of being an owner-operator, as you will likely have to provide your own vehicle. While this may sound like a negative, you will eventually own the valuable asset that is your truck.

The Challenges of Owner Operator Trucking

While being an owner-operator has tremendous upsides, it also comes with inevitable challenges that may deter some people. From financial risk to managing your business, there are several challenges that may determine whether being an owner-operator is for you.

Because you will be self-employed, you will be responsible for keeping up with the ever-changing regulations of the industry, filing taxes, and maintaining and repairing your truck. In other words, you are both the driver and the business manager.

You will also have to consider operating expenses, such as your truck payments, the costs of repairs, insurance, and a myriad of other factors. Where a company driver may have most of these aspects either taken care of for them, an owner-operated is responsible for learning and implementing the necessary skills and tools that contribute to a successful business.

Working with RCX

A huge advantage of being an owner-operator is the opportunity to find and work local owner-operator trucking jobs. This type of partnership allows you to have a home base and work for people you know and trust. RCX is a premier, family-oriented trucking company in Arkansas that provides such opportunities.

The same things that make working for yourself so appealing—the independence, flexibility, and opportunity to build your own success—are the same things that make RCX the perfect Little Rock owner-operator company with which to partner. We understand that being self-employed takes ambition and drive, and we not only respect that but also support it.

If you are currently an owner-operator looking for an established, reputable company that could use your services, please get in touch with us. We would love the opportunity to discuss local owner-operator trucking jobs with you!