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Trucking Industry Trends: Yes, We Were Right About 2016!

Last year, we examined some important trends in the trucking industry and their potential impact on businesses both in Arkansas and across the United States. Our predictions held true; these changes may continue to shape the industry through 2017.

New Trucking Policies May Bring Twists and Turns

Our predictions for trucking industry trends in 2016 have held true, and many of these factors may impact the performance of your trucking company both in 2017 and beyond. By understanding these key changes, you can help your business adapt and stay ahead of the competition.

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Why ELDs Are Not Going to Kill the Industry (VIDEO)

WATCH: ELDs are not End of Life Devices!

If you know anything about electronic logging devices, or ELDs, you’re well aware of the new electronic logging device mandate. In a nutshell, all truck drivers and shipping companies have to make the switch to ELDs by December 2017.

Drivers are angry, thinking this will make their jobs even harder. Industry analysts are measuring the impact from every angle. But everyone needs to stop and breathe! The law is the law and if we want to stay in this industry, we all just have to deal with it.

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Smart Shippers Need to Prepare for the E-Logging Mandate Now, Not Later

Shipping companies that are waiting until the federal deadline to implement electronic logging will miss out on key benefits that come with the new driver-tracking system.

The electronic logs mandate is part of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s efforts to improve road safety and regulatory compliance among commercial truck operators. Drivers must install electronic logging devices, or ELDs, to record their vehicles’ speed, location, and hours of operation. The devices will ultimately identify drivers who work an unsafe number of hours. Regulators believe electronic logging will reduce driver fatigue, preventing an estimated 26 deaths and 562 injuries and saving more than $1 billion every year. If you own a ground freight shipping company, the mandate will require you to almost exclusively work with drivers who have installed ELDs. While the measure does not go into full effect until December 16, 2017, early compliance offers the following benefits for your operations.

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