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What Makes Specialized Freight So Special and What It Takes to Haul It Right

Specialized freight carriers rely on unique trucking equipment to ensure that your cargo can make it safely and efficiently to its destination.

Specialized freight is a segment of the trucking industry dedicated to transporting loads that cannot be accommodated by the average dry van trailer. Carriers that provide specialized freight services must use a variety of trailers that are uniquely designed for shipping freight of uncommon weights, shapes, or properties. These types of cargo may also require escorts and specialized trucks for delivery. The following information explores five of the most common types of trailers used to carry specialized freight.

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The Rules on Filing Freight Claims for Reimbursement

Have you been delivered damaged freight, or has part of your cargo been lost? Make sure you understand the rules when it comes to filing a freight claim.

Any company that specializes in transportation logistics and freight solutions commits to performing those tasks diligently by training their drivers to handle each shipment carefully to meet each customer’s expectations. However, sometimes customers do need to file different types of freight claims for various reasons, so it is important to understand freight claim rules and each party’s role when someone files for reimbursement.

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How to Get the Best Rates and Routes with Your Freight Carrier

When you utilize your freight carrier as a real team member, not just a service provider, you can expect better business outcomes.

If you have only been considering your carrier as a means to an end, there is a very good chance your services and routes are not as closely aligned with your needs as they could be. Proactive communication is an absolute must if you are aiming to make your freight carrier a more productive tool for your company. With open communication about the needs of your business, your carrier can be better prepared to meet those needs instead of scrambling to repair damage when things go off the rails. Plus, with greater collaboration, you can expect better rates and routes in your freight quotes.

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