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6 Road Safety Tips for New Truck Drivers

Successful truck drivers know how to anticipate potential road hazards and avoid unnecessary risks while shipping freight across the country.

Commercial truck drivers must travel on unfamiliar roads and through unfavorable conditions to deliver their loads on schedule. Failing to pay attention to your route or the road itself can lead to delays or serious accidents. If you are just starting your driving career, taking the time to read about road safety can teach you crucial lessons that would be painful to learn through firsthand experience. Before taking your next job in Arkansas, brush up on the following safe driving tips for truck drivers and haul your upcoming loads with confidence.

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The Truck Parking Problem – Where to Go and How to Stay Safe

Truckers make an effort to follow industry and government rules and regulations to ensure public safety. But now, several web apps are helping to keep truckers safe and allow them to get the rest they need.

Every trucker needs safe truck parking so they can stop, rest, and recuperate, especially when hauling loads across long distances. At the same time, even a trucker who is hauling short-distance loads may need to take a break, especially if they are feeling sick or have been on the road a lot recently. Hauling goods safely from one city or state to another is never easy and even truckers who park in seemingly safe areas take extra precautions. When you work for a dedicated freight trucking company in Arkansas, you get the added assurance of knowing that safe truck parking and other day-to-day concerns you have while on the road are always a high priority.

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The Rules on Filing Freight Claims for Reimbursement

Have you been delivered damaged freight, or has part of your cargo been lost? Make sure you understand the rules when it comes to filing a freight claim.

Any company that specializes in transportation logistics and freight solutions commits to performing those tasks diligently by training their drivers to handle each shipment carefully to meet each customer’s expectations. However, sometimes customers do need to file different types of freight claims for various reasons, so it is important to understand freight claim rules and each party’s role when someone files for reimbursement.

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Top 6 Concerns of Trucking Companies in 2015 and What That Means For Your Business

RCX Solutions offers insights into how current industry concerns could affect your business in 2015.

As a result of growing concerns for safety and shipping regulation changes, your business will face several shipping challenges this year if you work with a freight trucking company. As these changes become reality for the trucking industry, you will need to know what to expect so that you can prepare for them. Some are positive and beneficial, but others are more challenging. Most of these concerns can and will impact your shipping expenses, but working closely with your carrier can offer up logistical solutions to manage the impact on your supply chain.

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