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The Newest Technology of 2018 Used in Truck Driving

The technology used in truck driving is constantly evolving. Find out where your current shipping services stand, and determine whether your company is keeping up with the modern pace of transportation and logistics.

The transportation industry is transforming at a rapid rate thanks to the inclusion of technology used in truck driving. From the electronic logging device mandate that went into effect in December 2017, to the use of all-electric semis—great strides are being made in logistics. Learn more about the newest technology of 2018 and see whether your business is able to compete in this market.

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The Impact of Positive and Negative Logistical Changes in the Manufacturing Sector

Companies who wish to ship their goods have plenty of factors to consider when choosing a shipping method. New logistical changes in the trucking industry have impacts on shipping rates and speeds for the manufacturing sector.

What Role Do Logistics Play in Manufacturing?

The words “manufacturing efficiency” call to mind images of an assembly line where workers and managers strive to put goods together more quickly and accurately. In fact, the efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing depend on factors far outside the factory. Chief among these is manufacturing logistics, a process that includes:

  • Transporting raw materials and intermediate goods to manufacturing facilities.
  • Meeting and managing demand for fuel and energy throughout the supply line.
  • Organizing warehouses and storage facilities for quick access to necessary goods.
  • Shipping finished goods to consumers.

These factors are critical to the success of manufacturing operations. Improvements in storage, delivery, and fuel efficiency lead to lower costs, better product quality, and more reliable shipping to consumers. With this in mind, manufacturers should pay attention to new developments in logistics that affect their bottom line.

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Smart Shippers Need to Prepare for the E-Logging Mandate Now, Not Later

Shipping companies that are waiting until the federal deadline to implement electronic logging will miss out on key benefits that come with the new driver-tracking system.

The electronic logs mandate is part of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s efforts to improve road safety and regulatory compliance among commercial truck operators. Drivers must install electronic logging devices, or ELDs, to record their vehicles’ speed, location, and hours of operation. The devices will ultimately identify drivers who work an unsafe number of hours. Regulators believe electronic logging will reduce driver fatigue, preventing an estimated 26 deaths and 562 injuries and saving more than $1 billion every year. If you own a ground freight shipping company, the mandate will require you to almost exclusively work with drivers who have installed ELDs. While the measure does not go into full effect until December 16, 2017, early compliance offers the following benefits for your operations.

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How the E-Logging Mandate Could Affect Drivers and Shippers

The industry-wide electronic logging mandate is set to go into full effect next year and the effects will be seen in driver jobs and freight rates across the country.

Whether you’re a driver working as an independent truck owner operator or a shipper managing logistics at a major company, you have probably heard a great deal about the upcoming enactment of the e-logging mandate that will forever change the trucking industry.

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Get Ready, a New E-Logging Mandate Is Coming

Electronic logging devices are about to become an industry-wide requirement. Are you aware of how it may impact you and when compliance become mandatory?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has deadlines given by the US Senate Appropriations Committee for publishing a new mandate on the use of electronic logging devices in the trucking industry. The electronic logs mandate aims to update current tracking methods in an effort to improve accuracy and efficiency in reporting and delivery.

Many freight carriers have already implemented the use of electronic logging devices in their fleets, but as of yet, it has only been an optional investment. However, early adopters to new technology are already experiencing a competitive advantage. With a new federal mandate coming soon, this technology will soon affect brokers, driver, shippers, and carriers alike.

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