Partnership makes a business relationship last. Find a carrier that strives to be a good partner to you so that your business can grow together.

When choosing a carrier for your wares and supplies, you may assume that the company that offers the lowest truck freight rates is the best choice. But above all else, the carriers that will contribute the most to your bottom line strive for partnership. The closer you partner with your freight shipping company, the more you can expect.

Sublime Service

A carrier that values partnership will provide services geared to your needs, such as collaborating with you to find the best shipping times and routes. Your carrier should pay close attention to your schedule, identify specifically when you most need your shipments to arrive on time, and develop a clear plan to make it happen. In return, you should be ready to provide all the information your carrier needs to develop this plan.

As far ahead of time as possible, tell your carrier what items you need shipped; the weight, volume, and packaging needs of those items; and your budget and time constraints. By listening to each other and exchanging all the necessary information, you can create a plan that works for both of you.

Verifiable Value

Partnership with a carrier means that the firm will strive to maximize the value that your company gets from its services. Your rep should be willing to discuss the unique features of your products and to tailor shipping practices as necessary. For example, if you need to ship materials that are especially expensive and/or fragile, your carrier should be able to offer options that minimize the risk of accident or breakage.

If you need additional services, your carrier should be willing to connect you with other suppliers. In return, you should be willing to recommend the carrier to other businesses, help them find truck stops and supplies in your area, and otherwise expand their value.

Savvy support

No carrier can prevent service interruptions completely, but a true partner will provide committed support. Look for a carrier that keeps the lines of communications open.

This means answering your questions as well as proactively alerting you to delays and other service issues. Even when the shipment is progressing smoothly, the carrier should provide you with tools to track its progress.

In return, you must be ready to take their calls and answer any questions they have. The better you are at supporting each other, the less likely you are to run into service issues.

Engaged Expansion

As successful businesses, you and your carrier will likely grow over the years. True partnership means growing together and helping each other adapt to your respective expansions.

For your carrier, that means keeping your schedule consistent, even as it adds more clients, and informing you immediately and working to develop acceptable alternatives when there are bumps in the road. For you, it means installing loading and unloading equipment at new facilities, instructing your staff to help with loading and unloading, and otherwise lending a hand to your carrier and its drivers.

By growing together, you will both provide mutual support for your expansions and build your partnership into the future of both your businesses.

For a partnership that will last, look no further than RCX Solutions. We provide shipping and support that is carefully tailored to our clients’ needs. For more information about our freight shipping company in Arkansas, call us at 866-336-9697. 

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