I have to transport some perishable items that must be refrigerated en route. Do I need my carrier to use a particular kind of truck?

From food to beverages to critical medicines, many of the most important products of the modern world don’t last long without refrigeration. This creates a challenge for anyone trying to transport such items over long distances. To do this, it’s necessary to ship your goods in a refrigerated truck, so that they don’t go bad on the road. Refrigerated goods carriers specialize in keeping your goods chilled while delivering them quickly and affordably. But they can only do so if they have trucks that are properly equipped for cool shipping.

What kinds of vehicles are available for refrigerated trucking?

Refrigerated trucks typically use the same tractor units as other types of trucks, but have trailers that are specially designed to keep items cool. These trailers contain refrigeration units that provide cold air, and are highly insulated so warm air does not leak inside and make refrigeration ineffective. These trailers come in two main classes:

  • Chilled Trailers- These trailers are capable of keeping their contents cool, but cannot keep them blowing freezing. They are ideal for fresh fruits, vegetables, and other items that customers are often unwilling to pay full price for when frozen, but that can last long periods of time at low temperatures.
  • Frozen Trailers- These trailers maintain temperatures below freezing. They are ideal for transporting items that are sold frozen or that absolutely cannot survive unfrozen for long enough to reach their destination.

For companies that need to transport a wide variety of perishable items at relatively low volume, there are refrigerated trailers that are separated into compartments. Each compartment can maintain a different temperature at the same time. Refrigerated goods carriers can then place items in each compartment that correspond to its specific temperature.

What should I know about refrigerated shipping?

It’s important to remember that refrigerated trucks can’t lower the temperature of your goods for you. It’s necessary to chill or freeze them before loading them into the truck. This means that if you plan to ship such items, you either need to cool them yourself or you need to find a carrier or storage company that will do this for you.

In addition to not being able to cool your items themselves, refrigerated trucks can’t maintain a single temperature for the entire journey. Instead, they limit the temperature to a particular range, turning the cooler up whenever it rises to the higher end of that range. The driver is in charge of maintaining this temperature range for each compartment and trailer. You thus need to find a carrier who has reliable drivers and a proven track record of successful refrigerated shipping.

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