Few companies have the infrastructure, time, or funds to learn the finer points of logistics management by trial and error. RXC Solutions has partnered with hundreds of companies to help get their freight where it needs to be on time at a great price.

This guide shows you what it takes to develop a shipping plan with RCX Solutions.

Customized freight shipping logistics solutions

Before RCX Solutions can tailor your shipping plan to meet the needs of your business and customers, we need to understand how your business currently transports freight and goods.

The insights you offer into how your business currently handles shipping needs are crucial to the process of designing a shipping plan that’s more efficient, minimizes expenses, and fully addresses each of your concerns.

Shipping experts will help you put together a custom solution to meet your budget and timeline. You will get a chance to talk about your preferred method of packaging and the locations where you ship as well. Understanding details like whether there is easy access to the recipient’s shipping dock, or if the customer has specific packaging requirements will help your shipping expert design a plan that has the power to boost your bottom line.

Shipping methods

By land

Whether you need LTL freight shipping in Arkansas or you require shipping services that can handle truckloads of merchandise, we have flatbed trucking transportation services to meet your needs.

By air

We have partnered with Southwest Airlines to provide air freight services that arrive quickly and within your budget. Your shipping plan will always include protection against unnecessary fees and delays. Moreover, your freight will have the documentation needed for international or domestic air travel.

We even have refrigerated truck beds to maintain the integrity of your product, and meet your customers’ expectations upon arrival. We also offer rail freight shipping solutions.

By sea

You may need to ship goods and freight by sea but feel unsure about how best to design the process. This is where our freight experts step in to help you put together a plan that gets your cargo door to door, no matter the distance, on time and in great condition.

It may, for example, be difficult for smaller operations to handle shipping through the Panama Canal during and after the major expansion. Getting large cargo in transit to its destination requires a large network of reliable shippers. We understand that handing off this process to a shipping solutions company is necessary for many businesses that do not have the infrastructure, contacts, or resources to meet their customers’ needs without assistance.

If you need container transportation, destination tracking, or contract management, then we will cover those details during your free logistics consultation. Rest assured that we treat every customer, no matter the size of their company, with care.

Customized shipping

Here are some examples of what you can tell your shipping expert about your product before shipment.

Time sensitivity: product launches, distribution goals, or expedited shipping requests from customers

Past shipping problems: delays, lost or damaged goods, or customer dissatisfaction

Shipping budget goals: how past plans fell short or budget flexibility

Special concerns: clearing customs, tracking capabilities, delicate goods, shipping regulations, cargo packaging, or documentation

Warehousing: long-term or short-term storage, temperature-controlled storage, palletization, loading, or cross-docking

Shipping regulations: past problems, current internal setup, dedicated team members, or paperwork handling process

International cargo shipping

To get your goods and freight to your customers no matter where they live and do business, international shipping is a must. Regulations for international shipping may seem complicated, but you do not have to struggle with them on your own.

Staying up-to-date on the rules associated with international shipping is our specialty. We will help you make sure your paperwork is correct and assist you in avoiding extra fees associated with delays in the shipping process.

Evaluating your shipping plan based on cost

As you go through the process of developing your shipping plan, cost will no doubt be a top priority. Making a plan based on price alone, however, may cause a variety of problems.

Although determining shipping rates involves many factors, getting a quote representing the lowest possible cost requires good data. Your freight spend analysis data should include information about the rates you currently pay (if applicable), commodity, frequency, size, and shipping patterns.

For more information

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