When you choose a freight company, their relationships with service providers affect your business. For companies that send goods to customers in foreign destinations, the relationship between the service provider and the freight company is crucial to the process of getting the product to the destination on time and undamaged.

Here at RCX Solutions, we believe that shipping freight overseas does not have to be complicated or costly. In fact, with the right partnerships, it can actually work heavily in your business’ favor. We rely on our relationships with service providers in foreign destinations to assist us with some of the most challenging aspects of freight shipping logistics.

The secret to our success lies in our use of supply chain collaboration , which helps us overcome common problems faced by other shippers. The relationships we have built with our partners overseas help us lower operational costs, and increase overall efficiency for the benefit of our customers.

There is a myriad of problems shippers face in day-to-day operations; here are just a few of them:

  • Port congestion
  • Hours-of-service restrictions
  • Gaps in communication when tracking shipments
  • Complicated documentation rules
  • Packaging and labeling requirements

Without strong relationships built on experience and trust with overseas service providers, your shipper simply cannot consistently meet expectations where shipping logistics are concerned.

The Challenges of International Shipping Regulations

When transporting to foreign countries, compliance with the regulations of international shipping is crucial. If your business that is new to overseas shipping, these regulations can impose major logistical problems for moving your product. By the same token, working with partners who have trouble complying with these regulations can also put a hamper on shipping efficiency. Working with a shipping logistics manager that has experience in this area, like those here at RCX, can prove very helpful in navigating these regulations. We and our partners overseas can assist you in getting your product where it needs to go, regardless of its destination.

Managing transportation logistics for consumer product manufacturers is one of our specialties here at RCX Solutions, Inc. Our strong ties to service providers in foreign destinations ensure that you will never have to worry about annoyances like extra fees levied because of incorrect paperwork, or non-compliance with international rules.

For example, if a customs broker does not have the information they need to carry out your shipment, you could experience added costs and delays. At RCX, we collaborate with customs at both the origin and the destination to make sure that the paperwork complies with all procedures and regulations. Our team of logistics specialists are well-versed in the appropriate international shipping regulations, and can call on a dedicated network of experts whenever they are needed.

The Bottom Line: Cost and Quality

Trading a lower price for efficiency has a negative effect on every part of the supply chain. Long-term supply chain collaboration has a much better chance of reducing costs with quality players than simply choosing the cheapest option available.

The best transportation logistics experts understand that competing on price alone is not a stable strategy for success and growth. Long-term relationships with multiple service providers help increase understanding, which naturally reduces pesky inefficiencies. If you choose a freight shipping logistics provider committed to nurturing those relationships, you gain the benefits of that provider’s effort.

At RCX Solutions, we understand that innovation is simpler when freight companies and service providers work together. That is why we strive to cultivate an environment in which we can seamlessly respond to changes in logistics and regulation, and meet new challenges head-on, as a team.

When a shipper uses fair contracts, pays their freight bills on time, employs professional traffic managers, and treats their drivers well, these actions build trust with all types of service providers. When choosing a freight shipping expert, focus on understanding their relationships with service providers in foreign destinations. Those relationships will tell you all you need to know about the quality of service you can expect from those companies.

The Importance of Retaining Drivers

At RCX Solutions, Inc, we are committed to attracting the best drivers in the business. This helps us build relationships with our customers and our service providers in foreign destinations. Our ability to enlist and retain reliable, responsible drivers guarantees that your product will always arrive undamaged and on time. When you consider freight shipping logistics, especially if you ship overseas, pay attention to how the shipper deals with industry-wide challenges like driver shortages. Do they work hard to attract the best talent by paying a fair wage and offering great benefits? At RCX, our drivers are some of the best on the road, because we specifically recruit top-tier professionals to move our clients’ goods and freight.

When it comes time to meet your customers’ expectations, choose partners that have the most solid relationships in the shipping industry.

To learn more about how RCX Solutions, Inc nurtures relationships with service providers in foreign destinations, please call us at 866-336-9697. You can get a rate estimate on our website, anytime. For the best possible experience when shipping your goods overseas, rely on our experienced professionals to help you cover all the bases.