The trucking industry is a vital part of the U.S. economy, which is why it is imperative that we change society’s warped view of truck drivers. Learn what steps RCX Solutions is taking to avoid negative trucker stereotypes.

Truck drivers who were once considered to be the heroes of a glorified profession now occupy an industry that continues to suffer from a damaged public image. Over the years there have been many factors responsible for crippling the reputation of truckers, including films depicting truck drivers in a bad light and news outlets intensifying negative events involving trucks or truckers. Unfortunately this means that now most people assume truckers are overweight, dirty, aggressive, and dangerous drivers.

At RCX Solutions, it is our goal to take an active role in changing the perception of truck driving and the trucking industry as a whole. The first step in overcoming the stigma attached to truckers is to understand how vital truck driver jobs are to the economy and how we can implement change.

Represent the Industry Professionally

It is important to represent your workplace and yourself professionally. A truck driver job should not be treated any differently to any other business that requires you to look and act professional. Appearance and attitude play a vital role in determining professionalism and can affect many aspects of your job, from influencing how you are seen in the public eye to how seriously you are taken by customers, employers, and partnering companies.

Many trucking companies have decided to implement stricter policies concerning cleanliness and require that their employees utilize the showering facilities and laundry areas offered at many truck stops.

Make Safety the Top Priority

Truck drivers are often perceived as being dangerous and aggressive drivers. Driving any vehicle recklessly can have consequences, but often the outcome is much worse if a trailer-truck or cargo van is involved. This is why there are strict rules and regulations in place for truck driving jobs. Drivers must log their hours to ensure that they are not fatigued and undergo drug testing to verify they can safely operate their vehicles.

Wrecks involving big trucks often receive more media coverage than collisions involving only cars because they are more likely to result in fatalities. This means that a lot of attention is placed on the small percentage of negligent truck drivers who have failed to exercise the required level of safety. However, responsible drivers who do abide by the rules significantly outnumber those who do not.

Cultivate Strong Relationships with Shippers and Receivers

Truckers are often scrutinized for having bad relationships with shippers and receivers. The ultimate goal for every truck driver is to pick up and deliver goods, but miscommunication and excessively long wait times can lead to hostility.

Cultivating strong business partnerships and client relationships paves the way for a successful work environment. Both truckers and their business partners benefit from communicating clearly, encouraging feedback, and sharing the same goals. This means that truck drivers who cooperate and communicate efficiently with shippers and receivers are able to minimize wait time and enjoy more productive pickups and deliveries.

Strive to Improve the Economy and Society

With the recent boost in the economy, truck driver jobs are in high demand. However, this unfortunately has not yet put an end to driver shortages. The trucking industry continues to suffer from a bad public image that is crippling recruitment.

A world without truck driver jobs would mean no transportation of consumer goods, including the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the products we use. RCX Solutions strives to implement strategies that will change these negative perceptions and provide the support that truck drivers need to face these challenges.

We aim to improve the trucking industry, the economy, and society by being the transportation solution to any transportation challenge. If you would like to pursue a career in professional truck driving, contact RCX Solutions at 866-336-9697.